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威尼斯 真人赌博

Product List
1  Screw, wall hook series
2  Plastic corner,watch accessories series
3  Plastic products series
4  paperboard mold series
5  Frame Cutting Machine
6  Frame Jointing Machine
7  Machine fittings
8  Saw Blades series
9  Flexipints/Brad Nail
10  Mounting/Blade Sharpen
11  Paper Cutter/Blades
12  Screw Driver
13  Penumatic gun series
14  Manuel Gun Series
15  Vertical/U Type Nail
16  Glass Cutter/Stell Wire
17  Tape/Glue For Frame
18  Strip/Clock Series
19  Angle Protecotor
20  Fitting Unit Series
21  Suspension hook series
22  Glass Hanger/Screw series
23  Cornerite/Box Button
24  Alloy series
25  Copper Hanger/Steel Stick
26  Frame Support Series
27  Flannel/Shrink Film
28  Paper Angle Series
29  Angle/Waist/Mould Flower
32  Corrugated Paper
33  Shiny Slice
34  Frame accessories
35  New Products
About Us
Yiwu Kanda Decorative Material Co,. Ltd locates in Yiwu Zhejiang province-Asia’s biggest Commodity City. We are specialized in producing and marketing the machines and accessories of photo frame, cross-stitch frame etc. The main products are frame cutting machine, frame jointing machine and many other accessories.
Thanks to the supports of all the clients from both home and abroad, our company is developping day by day, the products are enriched and perfect. The products has entered into more than 50 cities from Europ, America, South Asia, Affrica etc. We also have perfect marketing network, we have agents or branches in Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin, Chengdu, Guangzhou, Qingdao, Xi’an, Haikou, Chongqing and many other main cities or markets.威尼斯 真人赌博
The main products we are producing and marketing comes below:
Machinery: 威尼斯娱城38358
“Kexianda”, “Tailun” “Hanyi(HY)” frame cutting machine, frame jointing machine, “Tailun” is imported from Taiwan, and “Hanyi(HY)” is our own brand;
“Kexianda” “Hanyi(HY)” paper borad machine and other brands imported from America, England etc’
Vacuum Heat-mounted machine, Automatic and Manual Heat-mounted machine
We also have other machines such as Blade sharpening machine, gold stamping machine etc.
Tools and Guns:
Taiwan patch nail gun, Home-made patch nail gun,Saddle patch nail gun ,Vertical nail gun, Manual Italian Patch nail Gun,Manual Korean Patch nail Gun,Manual Ushaped nail Gun, Dual-function nail Gun.威尼斯 真人赌博
Angle nail, patch nail ,dog iron, vertical nail, U shaped nail ,cotton flannel ,kraft paper,double-faced adhesive tape, foam adhesive tape,textured paper,adhesive peper, angle nail ,patch nail ,dog iron, vertical nail ,U shaped nail, plastic(sofe-edged slat, golden -edged slat, silver- edged slat, laser-edged slat,KT slat), horn ,waist flower,PVC hard patch ,imported picture film, angle-covered film, plastic bracket, shoring ,paperboard, saw patch, heat contractive film,cold mounted film,steel wire, rope, processed saw pitch.威尼斯m.vns7908
Hardware Fittings:
Tricorn Pothook, all kinds of Copper Pothook, Picture Support, Pressing Plate, Hinge and photo accessing correoation, Also undertaking hardware Accessories processing威尼斯 真人赌博
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